Digital Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore

by Andrew Schulkind

Anymore than it used to. [ba dum bum]

You might consider my paraphrasing of an oldie-but-a-goodie funny, or you might think it’s a “dad joke.” Either way, the truth is that neither digital nor traditional marketing work if done poorly.

But … considering the enormous sums poured into both traditional and digital marketing by large consumers brands, marketing must be producing results for someone, even if John Wanamaker’s old story about advertising is still true.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker

The real question is whether digital marketing is producing results for you.

As marketers, we’re forever tasked with proving that what we’re doing is producing results. That’s not necessarily an easy thing to prove, and one more reason we should be ever more eager to build systems, integrate efforts across platforms, and generate insights from the data we’re all drowning in.

Because even if not every effort we make moves the needle, a solidly built (and measured) system will almost always ensure that our marketing is working overall – and let us know which half of our money could be spent more productively.

Digital Marketing Working Together