SEO How-To for Small Sites and Small Business

Andrew Schulkind  |  December 14, 2016

Yes, the video is 4 years old and some of the terminology and screen grabs are out of date – for one, Webmaster Tools is now Search Console – but many of the concepts are still really great.

Among the best:

  • Account verification and email forwarding so you get Google alerts about your site ASAP. (Unless you’re logging in to Search Console on a daily basis …)
  • Build for your audience – and audience segments – not the search engine bots
  • Think strategically about copy and content. Answer the questions you hear most frequently from your clients and prospects.
  • Define success – what do you want visitors to do when they’re on your page.
  • Measure success – how often are visitors actually taking the desired action
  • And, yes! Install Analytics immediately. Collect data even if you’re not planning on using it because you can’t go back and get it later if you haven’t been gathering it.

Check out the Google SEO video on YouTube or watch it below.