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Patient Advocacy Organization

Modular flexibility for a non-profit

When your audience includes patients diagnosed with a misunderstood disease, loved ones seeking information about that disease, healthcare professional sharing research, and volunteers and donors, you are asking a lot from your website.

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Organization website blocks structure

And, as a non-profit, every dollar spent on administrative costs is a dollar not going to support your constituents. To create a site that answered the needs of all audience segments and was easy for administrative staff to manage, Andigo worked with the advocacy’s marketing and branding teams to build a site with far more control than WordPress sites typically allow.

Modules were developed that could be deployed on just about any page of the site, allowing admins to create new pages as needed and adjust existing pages as analytics data and other feedback warranted.

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Behind the scenes, each module was “aware” of where it was being deployed and adjusted for each location. This kept the site’s design integrity intact and maintained the visual clues, like color coding, that helped orient users in each section of the site.