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Case Stories

Iterative Improvements to
Enhance Digital Marketing

In returning to Andigo – we had designed and built the Greentech website many years earlier – Greentech’s marketing and administrative teams sought a partnership that provided expert perspective and fast, efficient implementation.

Once the website was stabilized and updated to ensure it was secure, we worked with the client team to make updates and improvements to better fit Greentech’s evolving marketing needs.

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Andigo and Greentech worked together using a growth-driven approach – one quite similar to the design-driven approach employed by many. We began adding new site features and adapting existing features to highlight Greentech’s expertise and the growing breadth of their experience in the sustainable infrastructure space.

Andigo’s work has helped Greentech integrate their website with other marketing channels, including email marketing and search-engine marketing. The site continues to produce results and is designed to grow quickly and adapt to the rapid developments in Greentech’s industry.

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