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Case Stories

Broadening a strong marketing message

Like actors who relish the role of a lifetime (and the economic rewards it typically brings), companies who excel in one area run the risk of being typecast.

UOVO, an acknowledged leader in art storage needed a way to get more attention for the full range of its art services.

Website screenshots and photos
Website screenshots and photos
Website screenshots and photos
Website screenshots and photos

These include installation, transportation and packing, collection management, risk management, and viewing facilities. Working with their design consultants and marketing team, Andigo helped develop a website that highlights these services without ignoring the storage for which they are so well known.

Viewing galleries photo
Homepage call outs screenshot

The site’s interface and navigation provide easy access to the extensive library of information, help visitors stay oriented as they explore the site and keep the focus on the site’s bold visuals which, of course, resonate strongly with UOVO’s target audience.

Andigo also provided foundational SEO guidance to help on-going content development work. And the site’s framework was flexible enough to allow for the addition of a blog post-launch, which has helped ongoing marketing efforts.

Storage photo