The Power of Planning and Perspective – Video Recording of Recent Presentation

by Andrew Schulkind

This past fall, I was invited to speak at WordCamp NYC, a gathering of WordPress tech geeks and business owners / marketers who use WordPress as part of their business marketing. In my presentation, The Power of Planning: How Site Maps, Wireframes, and Functional Specs Will Make Your WordPress Projects More Effective and More Efficient, I dissected the documents you need to ensure that your web development process goes smoothly and your finished website achieves your goals. I also discuss the importance of perspective and what is required to build a site that attracts your target audience, engages them and ultimately converts them to clients.

The presentation itself is about 20 minutes and there’s a lively Q&A following. Have a look – there are even moments when I’m funny!



Note on Speaking:

I am available to speak to groups of all sizes and can tailor a range of digital marketing and web development topics to fit your audience’s interests. As with this WordCamp presentation, there’s no sales pitch, just useful, actionable information. Knowing my material cold, I can respond to the room and encourage conversation and learning. Reach out if you’re interested in more information or would like to book me to speak.