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Content-driven website powers marketing for a double-bottom line real estate investment firm.

Powerful Community Impact and Impressive Investment Returns

The mission of The Community Development Trust (CDT) is the preservation of affordable housing and the support of high-performing charter schools. Both aspects of the business contribute to stability and positive impact in the communities they serve. And CDT’s proven ability to achieve these goals fuels strong investment returns which helps attract additional investment and the ability for CDT to further fulfill its impact mission.

CDT website homepage screenshot

Design and Branding Improvements

Our work began with a refresh of CDT’s branding for the website. Rather than a full rebrand, we modernized the look and feel while maintaining the existing brand fundamentals. The existing CDT logo remains; it was already clean, modern, and playful in evoking CDT’s double-bottom line business as well as the affordable housing and charter school areas of the business.

CDT old website's screenshot
CDT new website's screenshot

Two Business Goals:
Impact and Investment Returns

In addition to reflecting the charter school and affordable housing business lines, the “roof” elements of the logo call to mind CDT’s twin, related missions: creating positive community impact and providing attractive investment returns.

The website’s structure and organization echo this, with prime top-level pages for Impact and Investors taking center stage in the main menu. These pages illustrate CDT’s key performance metrics:

  • Positive community impact
  • Strong returns for investors

Two Business Lines:
Affordable Housing and Charter Schools

The website also highlights information about both the affordable housing and charter school departments and makes it easy for site visitors to find information, investment examples, and contact information specific to each.


Supporting Stories

Additional pages bring CDT’s story to life, with articles that highlight community impact, outline how CDT works with development partners and public housing agencies, and demonstrate CDT’s commitment to the communities they serve and the partners and investors with whom they work.

Clean navigation
Useful callouts

Easy to Navigate, Easy to Maintain

As with all Andigo projects, the site is built and presented from the site visitor’s perspective, with intuitive navigation and internal links to make it easy for site visitors to take the next logical step.

The site is also designed so CDT team members can easily update content. Andigo provides support in the form of security monitoring and back-end maintenance for the site, so CDT doesn’t have to worry about more technical issues – or about malware, hacking attempts, or outdated code creating vulnerabilities.

(Andigo is also an integral part of CDT’s digital marketing team, providing copywriting, content strategy, social media management, and other marketing guidance.)