Ways to Create Compelling Content for Content Marketing

by Andrew Schulkind

One of the questions we hear most frequently from clients is, “What kind of content should I create?” Here are a few of the ideas we’ve shared with our clients in the past few months.

Answer Questions
Forget the FAQ.

Think through the questions you hear most frequently from your clients. Create a blog post, email newsletter item, or social media post answering each question individually.

If you tag or categorize them (on your blog and certain social media channels) they become that much more useful.

Don’t forget to ask your audience to send in their questions going forward.

Spotlight on …
Case studies have their place, but you can get great milage out of your most successful work by focusing on an individual feature and describing how it’s succeeded and how you arrived at the idea that drove it’s development. Depending on your work, this can be a very visual kind of content.

Showcase Employees
For many businesses, it really is true that their most valuable asset walks out the door at five o’clock. (Though these days, 5 is more likely 6 or 7, and “walk out” means “continues to work via mobile device.”)

It makes sense then to get these employees to offer up their passion for their work and the value they provide for the people they help.

Provide Worksheets and Templates
Provide your target audience with tools they might need for activities directly or indirectly related to the work you do. A house painter can provide tools for pairing complementary colors. A lawyer might provide a worksheet for outlining the major points of an agreement for inclusion in a contract.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’d love to hear your favorite content creation ideas.