So Happy Together – Digital Marketing Across All Channels and Platforms

by Andrew Schulkind

Is your website an expensive business card? Or is it, in the words of Henry Standing Bear, a “continual soiree?” (Drinks on me for the first person who can name the show.)

Your website may not be a never-ending party but it can’t be a wallflower, either. It’s got to get out there and dance with the rest of the marketing kids. For that matter, nor can your email marketing, or favorite social media channel, or even your two favorite social media channels.

These digital marketing tools – and just about any other marketing tools – need to work together for any of them to work at all. Here are a few thoughts on making that work.

Digital marketing working together

Social Media Posts and Website Companions

It’s a wasted opportunity if your social media posts links to your website home page because that means one of two things is happening.

Either the social media posts are so general that your home page is the most logical place to link to. Or your post is nicely targeted but your website lacks a companion piece that addresses exactly the same topic covered in your post. (And includes a strong and related call to action.)

Email Marketing and Your Website

Your email marketing works best with your website in a slightly different way. Since your email subscribers already know you on some level, you will want to treat them a little differently. They are in a different point in your sales funnel.

You’ve already attracted them. The question now is, how do you keep them engaged until they’re ready to buy?

Your website can’t do that alone. Prospects simply aren’t going to visit it often enough on their own, or at the right time. An email can help with the timing. Content that compels them back to your website where they can dig deeper and find the comfort they need to advance toward a purchase.

Your Website and These Channels

Things need to work in the other direction, as well. You don’t want to drive folks away from your website, of course, but you do want to encourage them to connect with you in the places they’re already living – like their inbox and their favorite social media channels.

So you want to encourage folks who have found your website to find your other marketing channels – and you want to give them the opportunity to share your brilliance with their own fans and friends.

If you haven’t reviewed how well your various digital marketing tools are working together, there’s no time like the present. Setting up a yearly review as part of your marketing plan is worth the bandwidth, as well.

And if you want to get really crazy with this “working together” idea, how about getting your sales and marketing to work together? Insanity, I know, but it just might reap some rewards.