Smarter Website for More Effective Marketing, Part II

Andrew Schulkind  |  September 13, 2016

Continuing a series started last month, my Biznology post for September is part two. I once again owe a tip of the hat to my collaborator Scott Hornstein, as well as to Wayne Cerullo and Phil Shelp, whose help was invaluable, as well.

What’s the biggest mistake you can make with your website? There are a number of candidates for that honor; one of the top picks has to be letting it stand alone. No marketing is an island and that’s especially true for websites, which benefit tremendously from being tightly integrated with your email marketing, social media, and other marketing efforts.

Read more about that integration – and about The Prospect to Product Connection – in part II on the Biznology site. We’ll have part III for you next month.