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Digital Marketing Strategy for a Pain Management Practice

May 30, 2019

Andigo recently completed strategy and discovery work for Synovation Medical Group. (And has begun developing a new web presence.)

We focused our discovery process on making potential patients and referring physicians comfortable by using familiar language. At the same time, we made clear that Synovation’s unique approach to pain management has benefits that simply aren’t available to traditional narrowly-defined approaches.

Synovation’s goal is to help people regain the parts of their lives that pain has made difficult. The new website keeps the human side of the process front and center. The site dives into the medical details, of course, which are positioned in terms of how they help people achieve their goals.

We also designed the site to answer the most commonly asked questions for patients and potential patients. This makes the site far more useful for visitors and also frees team members to address more involved inquiries.

Andigo Website Planning Work for Synovation Medical Group