First Rule of Content Marketing: Measure Content Marketing

by Andrew Schulkind

I recently published a piece on the Target Marketing website titled, All KPIs Are Not Created Equal: Measuring Content Marketing.

Target Marketing

The key points of that article are:

  • If you’re not measuring it, it doesn’t matter.
  • If you’re not measuring intelligently, you can’t make good decisions
  • Understanding the different kinds of metrics is a critical part of making your content marketing efficient and effective

That last point is critical because, even for marketers who pay attention to metrics and analytics, there is too often an over-reliance on process metrics like page views, open rates, and list growth. That’s not surprising, given how easy those metrics are to obtain compared to the metrics that relate outcomes and business goals. It can take more work to determine lead strength, revenue attributable to any particular marketing channel, or the return on your marketing investment.

Those metrics matter more, of course, and are an absolute necessity for any marketer who wants to see continual improvement in their ability to positively impact the bottom line. And to prove that they are having that impact. 

You’ll find the full article on the Target Marketing website: All KPIs Are Not Created Equal: Measuring Content Marketing.