Engaging Your Audience in Content Marketing

Andrew Schulkind  |  May 24, 2016

My new piece for Biznology is now live on that site. It’s about the importance not just of publishing content but of engaging your audience with the content you publish. Why is this important? As I say in the article,

… engaging your audience is critical to you marketing success. It’s not just a matter of engaging prospects so they become customers. It’s about engaging customers so they become fans and promoters – and help you win more customers.

Nobody trusts advertising anymore, even if we are swayed by it without fully realizing its effect. High-quality content is trusted, but not as much as recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues. Which is why you want others talking about you more than you’re talking about yourself.

Nothing new to that idea. Content marketing is just a newer twist on press coverage and PR. Or “earned media” as it’s frequently referred to now.

You can read my Biznology post on that site here.