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What We Do

“Online communications strategy and Web development” pretty neatly summarizes what we do, but it doesn’t explain much, does it? So, what do we do? We help you connect with your audience online.

That means we help you

  • build relationships
  • extend your reach
  • establish thought leadership
  • improve conversion rates
  • generate sales leads
  • strengthen your brand
  • build a larger community of fans, friends, and clients.

You get – and learn how to use – tools that open new channels of communication with the people you want to reach. You get better results because you focus on the places your audience is most easily reached.

Your Website, whether it’s a marketing vehicle, ecommerce store, or online community, is complemented with the tools most appropriate to your goals: email marketing, search engine optimization and marketing (SEO/SEM), content marketing, and social media.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding these tools. They can be the greatest thing since sliced bread or a colossal waste of your time. We help you figure out which are which. Let us show you how.


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