Smarter Website for More Effective Marketing, Part III

by Andrew Schulkind

Wrapping up this three-part series on the Biznology website that I started in August, this month I took a look at the metrics you should be tracking to measure your site’s effectiveness. (And I once again owe a tip of the hat to my colleagues Scott Hornstein, Wayne Cerullo and Phil Shelp, whose help was invaluable.)

The biggest distinction to be made – and the most important part of effectively measuring your marketing success – is separating your process metrics from your outcomes metrics. In a nutshell, process metrics, though important, don’t pay the rent. Outcomes metrics – lead generation, lead quality, conversions – can be harder to measure accurately but, it probably goes without saying, they are the true measure of your success.

Read the full article on the Biznology blog and please let me know what you think.