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YouTube Video and Search Optimization

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Great post from our friends over at Moped Productions earlier this week discussing how to optimize YouTube videos. Mo lays out how to use YouTube’s tools to make it easier for people searching YouTube – and the Web – to find your content. (YouTube is one of the largest search engines on the Web in its own right.)

Those tools include tagging, keyword-rich titles and descriptions, using the captioning tools and annotations.

In addition, we’d recommend using YouTube as you might a blog – to post content regularly to an audience that is (or will come to be) eagerly awaiting it. Creating a YouTube Channel is probably the best way to do that. It can help develop traffic on its own, and the content and links will also improve other organic search efforts.
If you explore YouTube and you’ll see a broad range of styles and levels of quality. The most effective pieces aren’t always the ones with the hightest production values, so don’t be afraid to keep your costs low as you try out a new marketing channel. Just be sure you’re paying attention to the keys to success – keyword tagging and linking the content back to your site. Once you’ve gotten a sense of how productive video can be, you can gauge what level of investment makes the most sense – and hire someone like Mo to create compelling video content.
Here are some examples:

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