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Your Opinion Only Matters If It’s Good

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Not as in knowledgeable or well argued. Good as in positive.

In another example of the echo chamber that is the intertubes, according to a recent study, people are influenced by the opinions of their friends and even enemies. “Likes” and positive reviews beget more “likes” and positive reviews.

The correlation is far stronger for positive feedback than for negative. In fact, negative feedback had little long-term effect according to the study.

This makes sense to me anecdotally. In discussions I’ve had with friends and colleagues, and in my own experience, I tend to discount negative feedback as being sour grapes or one person having a bad day. On the other hand, positive feedback carries more weight because someone had a good enough experience to take the time to share it with others.

The take-away here is that it’s worth it to exceed your clients’ expectations enough to get them to share their positive thoughts. (And don’t fret the negative reviews as long as they are outliers. If there’s a pattern or a recurring theme to them, address the problem immediately.)


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