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You Are Not A Publisher: Content Marketing Metrics Worth Tracking

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you’re not a publisher. But I’d be willing to bet that someone, somewhere along the line, has tried to convince you that you are.

You’re not.

A publisher’s goal is eyeballs. Your goal is action.

Publisher’s don’t care if you buy product from the companies they might write about. (In theory, anyway.) You, on the other hand, care very much whether your content moves your audience to make a purchase. From you.

Publishers typically sell content at a discount to build an audience that’s attractive to advertisers. You typically develop content for free to build an audience that’s attracted to your products and services.

In both models, audience is a key to success. For publishers, recognize that the audience becomes their product in some senses. It’s the advertisers they’re trying to attract.

For you, it’s important to remember that your publishing activities are a tool – we hope one of many – designed to help you reach a different goal: profitable sales.

Don’t let your efforts stop at attracting a great audience. As this summary of content marketing metrics from CMI and Convince&Convert shows, consumption is just the first and most basic measure you should be taking as a content marketer.

Consumption metrics track how well you’re building your audience.

Sharing metrics measure how relevant your content is to your audience – are they sharing it?

Lead generation metrics tell you whether you’re moving your audience toward action.

And sales metrics let you know whether the leads you’re generating are converting profitably.

It can be fun writing articles and making videos, but don’t lose site of the fact that they goal is to build your business, not a library.


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