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Why We Wireframe

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

This article on Inspiredology.com reminded me of why we start all but the simplest of web development projects with wireframes.

Wireframing helps us in a number of ways

  • Clarifies our own thinking on project details
  • Provides a comfortable, effective way to communicate our thoughts to the client
  • Shines a light on potential problems before they become expensive to fix

The Inspiredology.com article discusses wireframes’ benefits in the design process, but we prefer to focus on structure, navigation, and content. We make it very clear to our clients – who may or may not have experience evaluating visual design – that the wireframes are about everything except visual design.

From the article:

Yes, the navigation elements will likely stay where they are and the logo is probably going to stay in the top left corner … but we’re really hoping to get the client to focus on what’s on the page rather than where on the page it might be. Visual design comes later, after we have a near-final sense of what elements the design needs to include on each of the site’s page templates.

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