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Why Inane Quizzes Work and How Content Marketers Can Use Them

Friday, March 7th, 2014

What European city should you live in? Which classic rock band are you? Which Simpsons character do you most resemble?

Sound familiar? These quizzes, and many more like them, are all over the internet and social media channels. And as inane as they are – as even many the people who take them readily admit – they are still irresistible to huge numbers of people.

Two lessons here: I should live in Barcelona and I am The Who.

Seriously, the lessons for content marketing here are that people are aching to participate and that people love to talk about (and explore and understand) themselves.

As a content marketer, you can take advantage of this, though the bar is a little higher. People will suspend disbelief to some extent for these quizzes. After all, what does picking one of nine different cute kitten pictures have to do with what comfort food I am?

But if you’re selling, and if every answer comes up with the quiz-taker needing to call you to have their needs met – you will do more damage than good. And you’ll stand no chance of having people share their results.

Make it fun by connecting what you do with something silly (like comfort food), make it informative, and leave the hard sell at the door and you can make a great impression.

One last thought: if you want to use these, do it today. These quizzes are a fad and I’d be surprised if they’re still popular a month from now.


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