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Where’s Your Digital Marketing Problem?

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Where’s Your Digital Marketing Problem?

It’s a different question than the one most of us are used to hearing – and asking. (“What’s your problem?” Or, if we want to remove the Deniro-style aggressiveness, “What is the problem?”)

But “where’s the problem?” is the question most marketers should be asking. Because many people simply have not dug deep enough into their marketing issues to determine whether they need at the top of the sales funnel, bottom of the sales funnel or in the middle.

Instead, they’ve decided that they need to redesign their website. Or “do” social media. Or “optimize for mobile.”

But they haven’t really gotten to the root of the problem. If poor web content is destroying their conversion rates, there’s no point in adding a new social media channel. If the flow of traffic to the site is low, there’s no point in “freshening the design.”

This is where a little analysis comes in handy. More than handy, actually. By examining your traffic flow, traffic sources, conversion rates, ROI by channel, and other metrics, you can determine where you’re likely to see the most return on any investment you make in improving results.

For example, if you don’t have enough traffic coming to your site, you need to generate more interest. It might be time to think about social media, email marketing, influencer outreach, or SEO to create the traffic you need.

If you have traffic but aren’t converting visitors into leads, perhaps the content on your website isn’t compelling enough or isn’t properly aligned with your products or services. It might be time for a content audit, rethinking your buyer personae, or a look into your content generation plans.

If you have and are maintaining a robust crop of qualified leads, but aren’t converting them in sufficient numbers, you might take a look at the content you’re presenting to your leads. Is it appropriate to their concerns as they prepare to buy? Are you reaching out to them to nurture them over the time that might convert from “qualified” to “qualified and ready to buy?”

Each of these demands a different response to effectively improve your marketing results. A knee-jerk response that looks only at surface concerns – update the website! do more social media! – doesn’t recognize the issues that are really at play.

So, stop thinking about what your problem is and focus instead on where it is. That’s the quickest way to improving your digital marketing.

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