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What We Want Our Content Marketing Web Development Clients to Know

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Just about anyone in business knows that there’s a big difference between “an educated consumer,” as the old New York-area radio and TV commercials used to have it, and a consumer who needs more information to make an informed decision.

Here are a few things we’ve learned that clients really need to understand for our work to succeed.

Experts Are Experts For a Reason
There are some things you hire people to do because you don’t want to do those things. (Mop floors, perhaps.) There are others you hire out because you don’t know how to do them. (Brain surgery, anyone?)

Most of what we do as web developers and content marketers we do because you don’t know how. Unfortunately, sometimes you think you know how, and you wind up getting in the way. It’s easy to see why – design, for example, is something we all see every day and something we all have an opinion on. So why not give the designer specific instruction on how to fix the design comps you don’t like? Because she’s the expert an you’re not.

Yes, we love concrete feedback, but we also need the space to solve the problems you’ve identified. And identifying problems is your job. It’s our job to fix them.

Content Matters
We’re all really tired of hearing that “content is king,” but content really does matter. So include budget (and time in the schedule!) for a copywriter and a photographer. (Or at least a budget for really good stock imagery.) Great design and really solid web programming can only take your website so far. All the things that make that website work – social media, email marketing, even SEO and PPC – all require good content to do their jobs.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint
The finish line is launch date or the date you have your social media campaign rolling. In fact, it’s helpful not to think in terms of “campaigns” at all. For digital marketing to work, you have to commit to creating a steady stream of high-value content to attract your audience, build a relationship with that audience, and move that relationship through the sales cycle.

Client Commitment Counts
Speaking of commitment, a project stands roughly 0% chance of success without a committed champion working from the inside. That champion has to get buy-in from key team members, has to secure financial support and internal resources, and has to develop the vision that their coworkers can believe in. Other than helping with the vision, we can’t really do any of this for you.

There are other things we could mention, but these really are the most basic to success for nearly any kind of digital marketing project from web development to content marketing to social media.


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