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What Do Confucius and Apple Have In Common?*

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Tell me, I’ll forget
Show me, I may remember
But involve me, and I’ll understand
– Confucius*

That principle, long at the heart of many teaching philosophies, may be one of the secrets of Apple’s success. According to this article on Mashable, details like how laptop screens are tilted (so that you have to adjust them before you can check out the machine) help get consumers engaged and involved in the products.

Apple’s low-pressure sales approach and practices like instilling “a sense of ownership by asking permission to touch an owner’s device before the associate shows them a certain function” also add to that experience.

I would love to hear any non-retail examples you have of getting clients to feel ownership of your services or products while they’re on your website, reading your email newsletter, tapped into your social media stream or listening to your sales presentation. Comment below, please.

*That Confucius quote may or may not be his. The intertubes sources it as his, as “A Chinese proverb” and as a quote that Ben Franklin popularized.

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