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What Are You Giving Away?

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

What are you giving away to attract new business. Not a toaster, I hope.

(Do banks actually do that anymore? Give away toasters to lure new depositors? I haven’t seen or heard an ad like that in ages, but it used to be the norm.)

And as silly as it sounds taken out of context, it was probably an excellent strategy in its day. With a few tweaks it can be an excellent strategy today. I’d suggest that your give-away not only be something of interest to your audience, but something related to what you do. (That missing link is why the toaster give-away sounds funny. Toasters don’t have anything to do with banking.)

More specifically, you should strive to give away information or advice your audience will find valuable. If that sounds like the free consulting that we all dread, it’s close but no cigar. Here’s why:

There are certain questions that come up over and over. You have to answer them to establish a relationship and gain a client’s trust. There’s no way around that, but if you find a way to answer those questions in some sort of regular format – a blog or email newsletter, say – you can kill three birds with stone. You can

  • Establish yourself as an authority in your field
  • Create a way to reach out to clients and potential clients regularly
  • Avoid the free consulting trap – if you have existing materials to point a prospect to – white papers, eBooks, etc. – you’re not spending time crafting customized answers

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