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Webinar: Content Marketing To Improve Lead Generation and Sales

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

I’m excited to be partnering with friend and colleague Jane Tabachnick on a webinar for Geri Stengel and the folks at Ventureneer.

We’ll cover a lot of ground quickly, so it’s a great overview of content marketing if you’re just getting started.

  • Components of a great content strategy
  • Content that attracts the audience you want
  • How to generate that content
  • Evaluating the best channels for your audience
  • Tools and resources to streamline the process

And we’ll dive in to a few select areas a bit more deeply, particularly the tools you can use to make content marketing much less time consuming than you probably think it is.

Register now. We’ll also be inviting participants to apply for our beta rollout of a new content marketing audit/evaluation service. More details available with the webinar materials.

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