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Video for Content Marketing

Friday, April 20th, 2012

It feels like we’re hitting an inflection point for video content marketing. Not that it’s new, but it is trending up and conversations we’ve had lately with video content marketers like Glenn Zimmerman at Mad Bear Productions, Robert Weiss at MultiVision Productions, , and the good folks at Blind Dog Video only confirm that.

Here are a few interesting articles on the subject:

Video Top Asset Created for Content Marketing
Social media and video are a tough combination to beat.

Content Marketing Strategies With Web Video and Social Media
A quick how-to overview.

HTML5 makes going mobile easier for video content.

Invodo: Video Statistics: The Impact of Video
A treasure trove of statistics for online video’s power.

IKEA Expands Content Marketing With Launch of YouTube Channel
One of many YouTube-related examples.

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