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Using Metrics To Improve Content Marketing

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Metrics are an important part of any marketing effort, and content marketing generally provides great opportunity for measuring against your goals.

In fact, as Mike Moran noted in a recent webinar I sat in on, one of the biggest fundamental shifts in marketing has come about because of the ability to measure results quickly.

In the old days, whether you did direct mail, TV advertising, radio spots or print ads, you did them and waited weeks – if not months – to see the results. (Not to mention the planning and production cycles were far longer, too.)

Now, you can get feedback in real time. The impact of this isn’t just an ability to know what is and isn’t working – it’s a huge shift in the kind of risks you can – or have to – take.

Why are there focus groups? If an entire quarter’s sales results rest on the success of a major TV campaign, you’re absolutely going to put it in front of focus groups and arm yourself with data if you value your career at all.

But when you can test different landing pages against one another and see results immediately, you’re free to move much more quickly. You can test more concepts, do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t. You can succeed more quickly because, as Mike likes to say, you can fail quickly.

The heart of all this is metrics and data. With good data, your marketing can be based on market evidence rather than the “HiPPOs” – Highest Paid Person’s Opinion – or worse, the old, “that’s the way we’ve always done it” rationale.

I frequently caution clients against placing too much importance on raw marketing data – someone may pick up the phone rather than filling out the contact form after finding you online because of a great blog post – but the opposite is more damaging. Not paying attention to the data at all puts you at a huge disadvantage compared to your competitors who are moving much more quickly.


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