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Use Your Website to Learn from Your Customers

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Your Website shouldn’t just be the online equivalent of your marketing brochure.

It shouldn’t even be just a “cool” way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

It should be a way for you to listen to what your clients and customers want to tell you. It’s market research that’s not only cheaper than focus groups, but more accurate.

To borrow an example highlighted in the New York Times recently, if you’re a shirt manufacturer, you can build a very nice business allowing your customers to design their own shirts – everything from sizing to collar and cuff styles, to button-hole threads and plackets and pockets.

But not everyone cares about that level of control. And not everyone wants to have to work that hard to buy a shirt. For them, you can mine the data to find what combinations are most popular, and offer “pre-customized” shirts that are likely to appeal to the broadest swath of your audience. No guessing, no focus groups; real data from real customers.

You should search for ways to learn what drives your best, most passionate customers. They’ll lead you to ideas you can spend huge amounts of money and time trying to find on your own.

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