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Twitter Influences TV Viewing – Or Does TV Influence Twitter Activity?

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Twitter may seem like a bunch of @geeks babbling at each other in #weirdcodes – and sometimes it is – but it can be more than that. Here’s how it’s driving change in the TV business.

According to the New York Times, the ratings firm Nielsen released the results of their study which finds that Twitter conversations affect people’s TV viewing habits. Twitter messages were linked to a “significant increase” in rates nearly a third of the time.

So social influence is a worthwhile goal for content marketers. (Or not, if you’re a skeptic. Nielsen and Twitter are partnering in a new ratings measure about broadcasts, motivation for which might call these results into question.)

I do think, though that two ideas still hold true:

  1. Sometimes, activity on various social networks reflects existing sentiment rather than leading that sentiment.
  2. All aspects of the web, including social media, can quickly become the echo chamber we see frequently with breaking news. Corroboration and basic fact-checking go out the window as everyone races to post what they “know” first.

The best part of this for me? How it goes against the prevailing wisdom that technology is isolating us and making us less social and sociable. No argument from me that more people spend more time with their heads down staring at one screen or another, but in this case, technology is taking a solitary pursuit and making it a more social experience.


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