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Three Reasons We Love Drupal

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Two weeks ago, I posted Three Reasons We Love WordPress. Here’s an ode to our other favorite CMS, Drupal.

As with WordPress, the work in writing this post wasn’t coming up with three reasons we love Drupal, it was deciding which of the dozens of reasons should be the included as one of the top three. Here they are.

3. Huge Ecosystem of Modules
We’re not the only ones who love Drupal. And the huge developer base means there’s also a huge library of modules in the Drupal ecosystem. So the features you want are usually within easy reach. (Though I don’t want to undersell the complexity that integration and customization can entail. There’s a lot to do once you’ve identified best-fit modules.)

In the end, even with the integration and customization work, the available modules make Drupal development one of the faster options for building full-featured websites. The ability to create sites that are full-featured brings us to reason number two.

2. Incredible Flexibility and Power
Simple isn’t a word most would ever use to describe Drupal. (And that’s why we love WordPress …)

But in exchange for giving up simplicity, you get incredible power and flexibility. The sites that might stretch WordPress to its limits are small-scale projects for Drupal. And Drupal can expand (when hosting is properly configured) to handle high-volume and transactional sites like whitehouse.gov and MTV United Kingdom.

Drupal provides a great platform on which to build exactly what you need. And frequently, existing modules can get you 90% of the way there without expensive customization.

1. Passionate, Talented Community
Reason number one? The passionate, committed, talented folks who love Drupal make it a great tool to work with.

The engaged developer community ensures that security vulnerabilities are addressed promptly, that browser compatibility issues are managed, that, in short, Drupal remains a viable platform on-going.

There are never any guarantees in technology; the pace of change is too great. But one of our major criteria in evaluating tools is their stability and prospects for the future. We invest a lot in mastering the tools we use; the less frequently we have to change horses, the more time we can devote to creating innovative solutions for our clients.

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