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Three Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Here are three content marketing mistakes we see companies making relatively frequently. They’re easy to avoid if you’re paying attention. Here’s your opportunity:

1. Not Knowing Who You’re Talking To
You have to know your audience if you’re going to connect with them. And just taking  rough stab at who they are isn’t going to be nearly as effective as really doing the research to know your audience. Creating personas is a great first step. You’ll find that your content is much stronger if your writing for a more sharply defined audience.

The corollary here is that you have to know how to reach your audience, too. So even if you don’t want to engage in a full-on SEO/SEM campaign, at least do the foundational SEO work to find the best keywords.

2. Not Recognizing It’s Not A Race
That finish line is a mirage. Content marketing isn’t a campaign with a beginning and an end, or even a set of discrete campaigns strung together. (Though you may have some campaigns as part of the mix.) Done correctly, content marketing is about regular engagement with your audience throughout their lifecycle as a prospect and customer. There’s no beginning, middle or end to that – you always have more people at every point in the cycle.

3. Working Too Hard
Go ahead, tell your boss I said you should be kicking back on the beach today. (Let me know how that works out …)

If she has any sense, your boss will point out that I’m talking about raising your productivity by working smarter, instead of harder. In the content marketing game, that means repurposing content so that you get the most out of the original content you create, and also mixing in commenting on and curating of existing content to keep the time commitment of content marketing from overwhelming you.

How’d you do? Are you guilty of all three? I’d love to hear which areas you’re most perplexed about addressing.


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