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Friday, April 4th, 2014

So  is the title. At least according to data gathered by Orbit Media Studios, whose chart we’ve pasted below.

Thought-provoking stuff but we’d offer these caveats:

1. Industry data like this should be a jumping off point. Use what you need to establish a starting point but then …

2. Test, test, test. Try Seth Godin-style, aphorism-length mini-posts. Try posts that last longer than your uncle Mortie’s vacation slideshows. See what your audience is looking for from you.

3. Once you find what your audience likes, give ‘em more of it. Keep testing, of course, but refine that testing so you continue to hone in on the sweetest of sweet spots for your audience.

4. Take this data with a grain of salt. We’ve seen research showing that Tweets of less than 100 characters show better engagement numbers, for example. Again, think of the info as a baseline from which to begin your own experimentation.

5. The one area I would pay more attention to than others is usability. Keeping line length and paragraphs short enough to be scannable is key to keeping an audience engaged. Pages dense with text are daunting enough for most to look elsewhere. Even long, long pages benefit from liberal use of white space, visually pleasing (and “quiet”) design, and graphics to help break up the copy.

OK, time for me to think about 1,200 words for next Tuesday. On the bright side, our domain name is a great length!

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