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Think Big, Start Small

Friday, May 6th, 2011

The temptation we see in a lot of our clients is to think big.

And  we applaud ambitious efforts and love helping companies achieve great things online. But there’s something to be said for starting small, for focusing on one thing and doing it well. Really, really well.

So while we encourage our clients to engage in long-range planning rather than just answering immediate needs when we begin developing concepts and strategies with them, the pace of change in technology and digital communications is so relentless that it can be more productive to launch a new initiative with a more modest scope and devote all your resources to making it perfect.

Sure it would be great to build a robust presence on Twitter, blog regularly, engage in an SEM campaign, etc. if you don’t have the resources to support those efforts, you’re not going to do them well.

  1. Pick one
  2. Gain comfort and traction
  3. Build on your success

As a bonus, the beauty of digital communications – encouraging conversation – gives you insights into how to improve phase II, phase III and beyond.

So you don’t just get bigger, you get better.

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