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Things We’re Thankful For – Content Marketer / Web Developer Edition

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

As content marketers and web developers we’re thankful for many things. Here’s our short list. (Family, friends, health and happiness are a given, of course …)

First, we’re thrilled that SEO algorithms continue to align their interests more and more closely with the interests of actual human-type beings. Great content continues to be rewarded. There are still ways to game the system, but tech tricks and black-hat SEO are now a smaller part of the game.

Next on the list has to be the death of IE6 and poor health of IE7. Sure, we’ve got Chrome to test against now, but at least the major browsers are getting a bit closer in how they render web pages. That means much less gnashing of teeth and rending of garments around our offices.

Let us give thanks, too, for the mobile market and responsive design, because who doesn’t like a challenge that frequently has no real ROI. (Yes, that’s a wry smile you’re reading between the lines.)

Similarly, the pointless and gratuitous use of technology. http://www.andigo.com/technology-isnt-always-the-answer. Sometimes you do things just for fun, real-world needs be damned. (No wry smile here. Just goofy admiration.)

More and better tools making ecommerce viable for smaller businesses.

The continued evolution of our favorite CMS tools, WordPress and Drupal.

Companies continuing to integrate all platforms in the marketing plans. Digital is an island unto itself no more. 

Most of all, we’re thankful for our wonderful clients. You guys really make it all worthwhile!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. 


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