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The Value of Copywriters to Content Marketing – Why Quality Matters

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Do you think good copywriting is a luxury, a nice-to-have, and something you can cut budget for when times are tight?

I recently saw a presentation Joe Pulizzi from CMI did for a wine retailers group. One of the slides quoted 3 questions from an SEOMoz survey:

  • How do you choose what to read?
  • What conveys quality?
  • How do you determine credibility?

In all three cases, “quality of writing” equaled or bested a metric you would think would be more important. (See those metrics below.)


We certainly encourage our clients to do as much of their own content generation as possible. At the same time, though, we make it clear that the person or team they assign to the task has to have the necessary skills.

You wouldn’t expect a reporter to be able to handle the bookkeeping work an accountant might do, so don’t expect your accountants / lawyers / consultants / etc. to be able to produce great content without training and guidance. 

If you can, train your in-house staff – your subject matter experts – on how to write the kind of content you need for your marketing campaigns.

If that’s not feasible, pair your subject matter experts with a communications team that can help create strong copy while keeping the byliner’s voice – ghostwriting of a sort.

Failing that, let the communications team or a freelance copywriter take the reins. As the results above show, the quality of your writing counts for a lot when it comes to what gets read online and what gets ignored. 


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