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The Secret To Content Marketing: Who Signs Your Paycheck?

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Here is quite possibly the best piece of content marketing advice I’ve ever seen. It’s from Joe Chernov (@jchernov) and was part of a recent CMI post.

Pretend you are paid by the prospect, not your employer. If the buyer signed your check, how would that affect the substance, style and timeliness of the content you produce? I bet it would be a lot more about their needs and a lot less about yours.

– Joe Chernov (@jchernov)

That pretty much sums it up: create content as if you’re being paid to educate and enlighten your audience, not promote a product or service.

Which isn’t to say that your content marketing can’t have consistent calls to action – it damn well better if you’re going to stay in business. But all the calls to action in the world won’t add up to much if you aren’t first attracting an audience and then holding their attention. 

And that means answering the “what’s in it for me” question for those you want to attract.

When you get down to it, your clients are signing your paycheck because with them, you (or your boss) don’t have a bank account …



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