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The Key To Great Content: Ask Your Audience What They Want

Friday, October 26th, 2012

How many times have you said, “I really love product x. I just wish they’d add …” or “I love company y. I never shop anywhere else. But it’d be great if they would …” Nothing makes us happier as consumers than having our needs met perfectly.

Nordstrom’s has such great customer service. Why can’t they offer handbags that match the shoes I just found? 

Amazon has such an amazing selection and really low prices. I just wish I could get someone on the phone with some product knowledge when I need it. 

That SUV is exactly what I’m looking for. How come they don’t sell it in the same green as the sedan? 

Fictitious quotes, but they capture pretty accurately the questions consumers ask when they’re shopping. Customers want to interact with the companies they buy from. They want to have some say in the products and services they’re selecting. This is true whether we’re buying as consumers or as business people. And it is true not just for the products and services being bought, but for the content being consumed.

So, what’s the best way to find what content your audience wants? Ask them what content they want.

Solicit feedback on every piece of content you publish. Interview customers, prospects and people who opted not to buy from you. Find out what they want and what will add value to their interactions with you. Find out what they want to learn as they’re educating themselves. Find out what they want to evaluate when they’re deciding amongst the choices the market presents. Most importantly, find out what pain they’re trying to address.

And then publish content that presents the information they’ve told you they want. 



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