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The Importance of Credibility in B2B Websites

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Hat tip to friend and colleague Ruth Stevens for sharing this article on what B2B buyers want to see on vendor websites.

Very worthwhile read, even accounting for the fact that “vendor” isn’t the relationship many of us have (or, certainly, want to have, with our clients.) Many of us are in businesses where pricing isn’t provided on our websites because of the nature of what we do, with our work tailored to each client’s needs.

What B2B buyers want to see on vendor websites

Still, there’s plenty here applicable to a broader range of businesses. Top of that list is the idea that your website has to present you as a credible, stable, trustworthy business. If your website is shoddy, you look clueless, careless, or both.

Making it easy for people to reach you tops the list, according to the MarketingCharts.com survey data. Content, in the form of case studies, white papers or other articles, is next on the list, followed by client lists and testimonials.

Prospects what to know: can you do what I need done, and have you done it for people like me before? Be sure to provide content that demonstrates both.

The article also talks about the importance of pricing data. As I mentioned above, this doesn’t apply to everyone (particularly those in many service businesses), but if you are selling products you’d better making pricing information easy to find. Forget wanting to get prospects on the phone so you can “wow” them with your USPs, benefits, etc. That’s what your website is for! Make sure it does the job.


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