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Social Media Not Just For the Hip, Young Crowd

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Two recent items from The Luxury Daily highlight the growing influence of social media and content marketing.

Luxury brands David Yurman, Audi and Bentley are all using social media to more fully engage with their audiences. Bentley hardly appeals to the stereotypical young social media hipster. (Something tells me their marketing goes beyond the small handful of hip-hop artists who drive Bentleys and are very social media savvy …) So their move into social media is perhaps the most surprising. They’re also one of the least mass mass marketers out there.

Audi shares a corporate parent with Bentley – Volkswagen – so their social media activity isn’t a surprise, but Jaguar, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz are all hopping on the bandwagon, as well. The message clearly is that it’s not just youngsters with more time than money who are wasting time on social media.

All of these car brands were highlighted in the article specifically for their activity related to the New York Auto Show. David Yurman, on the other hand, is rolling out an Instagram component to its spring marketing campaign.

These are B2C companies, of course, so the same channels may not apply. But don’t ignore social media just because you’re marketing B2B. There are opportunities to connect with your clients in meaningful ways on a very human level. Because even though we may think about it as one firm selling to another, it’s really one person selling to another, even in the most complex of B2B transactions.

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