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Seven Tips for a More Productive Blog

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Here are seven great tips for making a blog as productive as possible.

Cover topics of interest to your target audience. Most posts should be related to your area of expertise, of course, but thinking beyond that with some frequency is a good idea, too. It shows your clients you’re thinking about their business, the problems they face and ways to address them.

Promote your blog relentlessly. That’s not a synonym for obnoxiously. But you should include a link to your blog in your email signature, prominently on your Website home page, on your business card, on print materials – in short, anywhere your Web address belongs, your blog address belongs.

Promote your blog by contributing to other blogs and forums. Be sure to contribute to the conversation. “Great post. Check out what I had to say about this on my blog.” isn’t going to cut it. At best it gets you ignored.

Promote your blog through your social networks – LinkedIn and Twitter, for example. Again, provide worthwhile information, not marketing copy.

Give to get. Link to other blogs and create a blog roll to other blogs with complementary audiences or messages.

Use your email marketing newsletter and blog in conjunction with one another. It’s OK to use one to draw attention to the other, and to repeat content of particularly high value – different people prefer communicating in different ways; you should aim to please them all.

Don’t forget the low-hanging fruit. Tell your existing clients and colleagues about the blog. Invite them to guest post and cross link. Feature them in posts.

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