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SEO is So Hard, Even Google Doesn’t Get it Right

Friday, March 5th, 2010

You’ve got to wonder if things are a bit frosty over at Google’s famed employee cafeterias. Google recently released a report which concludes that some of Google’s own pages simply aren’t well optimized.

Beyond the obvious humor in that – and some Googlers being annoyed at others for being called to the mat – it is an interesting report. (The announcement is here. Link for the report itself is above.)

Right up front is their failure with Title tag format and length. As the report says, “Using descriptive words and phrases in your page’s title tag helps both users and search engines better understand the focus of the page.”

Too often that’s overlooked as folks focus either on (dubious) link strategies or worse, solely on meta tags for keywords and description.

Not that the description tags should be ignored: “Including an informative description meta tag on your pages can influence the quality of the snippets shown in search results.”

The report goes into more detail than you’re probably going to want unless you’re a hands-on SEO pro, but it’s worth a good, long scan and something you should pass along to your online marketing team.

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