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Selling To New Consumers

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Remember the old advertising slogan “An educated consumer is our best customer?” It was for Syms, a discount clothing retailer no longer in business.

The same idea holds true for B2B marketers too. It’s much easier to sell to an audience that already recognizes the value of what you offer – an audience that’s bought it before – even if not from you.

But what if your audience hasn’t bought before – from anyone? Should you simply not try to sell to them? Certainly there are better targets if you’re selling a proven solution. But that’s not an option if you’re selling something innovative, something the industry hasn’t seen before.

In that case, as Seth Godin points out, you can’t sell to them based on being better than the other guy. They don’t care about the other guy.

You have to make it easy for them to look at the problem in a whole new way. And you can’t do it by trying to convince them they were wrong to ignore the problem you’re telling them you can solve. You have to convince them that the problem has changed.

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