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Sell Me. You’ve Got 10 Seconds

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

10 seconds is all the chance people give you to make your case on the web. If the page they’re on doesn’t deliver the goods, they’re gone. (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)

Hard to argue with Nielsen’s data – what’s a Weibull Hazard Function anyway? – but I’d say the interval is even lower. 10 seconds is an eternity in web time. If the info being sought isn’t obviously there, and presented in a way that makes the user comfortable, they won’t need 10 seconds to make a decision.

What’s comfortable will vary on the info being sought and what’s at stake, of course. Higher standards apply when researching child care or investment advice than when trying to figure out which model of cordless phone to buy.

But regardless of what you’re marketing, if you’re marketing yourself, your firm, or your product and services online and you don’t have landing pages devoted to very tightly defined topics, you’re losing traffic that you should be converting.

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