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Responsive Design – Hope or Hype for Content Marketers?

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Is responsive design all it’s cracked up to be? Or an added expense that does not produce ROI for content marketers?

Here’s a great post and infographic on responsive design from Monetate via MarketingProfs.

The post and infographic provide good background information on mobile’s rise, the proliferation of screen sizes and other related factors, but the real meat is buried toward the bottom of the infographic.

Responsive Design for Content Marketing

The section titled A Responsive Design Evaluation Checklist is where more marketers should be spending their time. (Once they have a solid understanding of what responsive design can and can’t do.)

Top of that list of evaluations is … do you really need responsive design? There may be other ways you can improve your web experience for your mobile audience. (And by the way, you should know not only how much of your audience is mobile, but whether that segment is growing or holding steady. It’s not likely to be declining these days.)

It may be the case that you only need to make certain sections of your site responsive. It really depends on the information that is available on your site and the differences in how your audience will want to interact with it on mobile devices vs. desktops.

Don’t forget that responsive design adds complexity and expense in most cases, though as your design and development partners gain experience (and presumably build a library of code they can adapt and re-use) this gap should fall.

Also be sure that you’re OK with the impact responsive can have on design. Things don’t have to be ugly, but they will be different. Designers need to get used to that, particularly if the mobile use cases you’ve identified are “just the facts.”

Any questions about determining whether responsive would provide a solid ROI for you? Give us a shout.


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