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Quarterly Statistics for Web Browsers, Mobile and Platforms

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Today, our quarterly look at market share statistics for web browsers and platforms – mobile, desktop, and tablet.

You’ll need to click these images to read the data. (Or just trust our summary …)

First, the top browsers in the US right now. This graph combines all recent versions of the major browsers into a single data point for each. (All versions of Chrome are included in the green bar; all versions of Internet Explorer in the blue.) It’s surprising how big a share of the market Chrome has wrested from IE. And it’s interesting how large a share iOS and Android browsers have.

Below, is the breakout of browser versions. (So, separate data points for Chrome 32, Chrome 31, IE8, IE9, etc.)

Next, let’s take a look at various platforms. The first chart below – the bar graph – shows market share for desktop, mobile, tablet and consoles. No real surprises here, but the line chart shows the change in penetration over time. I’m surprised at the relative flatness of these trends. I would have expected a greater pace of growth for mobile and tablets.

Regardless, take these data sets as a jumping off point. In part because different data vendors have somewhat different stats, but mostly because the global data doesn’t really matter much to you. This same information is (or should be) available to you through your web and email analytics packages, and knowing your audience’s preferences is much  more important than knowing the more universal trends. 

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