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Quarterly Browser Stats for Content Marketers

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Our regular quarterly look at browser stats and screen resolution shows a continuation of trends we’ve seen develop over the recent past. All data and charts courtesy of GS Stats.

In the desktop browser wars, Chrome is still on top and continues to eat away at IE’s market share. Firefox is essentially flat, with Safari showing a bit of an increase. Opera is both flat and, basically, irrelevant.

Desktop browser usage


On the platform front, mobile continues to grow, mostly at desktop’s expense. And again, I’m surprised not to see bigger growth in the tablet market.

Access Platform Stats

Finally, we take a look at screen resolution. It’s still all over the place, particularly for mobile devices. The good news from a content marketing and web development perspective is that at least desktop resolutions have stabilized to some extent.

As always, we remind you to use these numbers for reference. The only numbers that matter are your audience’s. If they aren’t in line with the overall trends, it doesn’t matter – as long as you’re giving them what they want.

Screen Resolution Stats

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