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Quarterly Browser & Mobile Stats

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

It’s charts and graphs day today at Andigo, as we take our quarterly look at browser stats, mobile usage and other interesting data points. It’s always good for content marketers to know how their audiences are experiencing their digital worlds. All data courtesy of GlobalStats StatCounter.

No surprises on the browser front. Internet Explorer still tops the list of most popular browsers, far outpacing Safari and Chrome.

And the status quo holds on the small screen, too: Android and iOS still own the desktop, miles ahead of all other options.

Mobile access to the web continues to chip into desktop, though still less than 20% of web visits are mobile-based.

Mobile search shows an interesting trend, with Google’s domination falling a bit (though still entirely unquestioned) to 87% or so. Yahoo picked up a nice bit of market share. Maybe Ms. Miiller’s anti-telecommuting stance has some merit. (But I hope not …)

Click through to StatCounter to generate larger versions of these and other data.



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