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Our Mobile Planet: Mobile Metrics from Google and Others

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Our Mobile Planet, a collaborative venture between Google, Ipsos, and the Mobile Marketing Association, lets you roll your own charts from a huge trove of mobile usage data.

We’ve heard some grumblings about the accuracy of some data points, but haven’t seen anything ourselves that we know to be out of line. We’ve only done some initial test runs, though.

The site even makes it easy to download PNG, CSV and XLS files of the charts you create. (A few examples, sized down to fit, shown below.) I’m sure the designers among us will be bummed about the lack of choice in colors and other details, but most of the rest of us are happy to be spared the agony of too many choices.

Definitely a tool we’ll come back to. Will be interesting to see how frequently data is updated. The site currently says about data that, “Surveys were administered during March and July 2011″ but doesn’t provide any information as to when survey’s might be redone.

Our Mobile Planet Example

Our Mobile Planet Example

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