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Online Brand Interaction Influences Buying Decisions

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Column Five’s recent infographic on consumer brand motivation in social media paints an interesting picture. Not surprisingly the best ways to get consumers to follow your brand are special offers and the consumers already being your customers.

But … “interesting or entertaining content” is next on the list.

Clearly, content marketing has to be part of your online marketing mix. It answers the question, “so what do I do with this Facebook account now that I’ve got it?” (Or Twitter or LinkedIn or whatever.)

The chart creates more questions than it answers (about how engaged particular slices of followers are, whether fans who found you because of a promotion disappear more quickly than fans who find your content interesting or entertaining, for example) but it offers a nice comparison between a few of the big social media channels, and amongst a few popular brands. Definitely worth at least a quick scan.

Biggest take-away for B2B and B2C companies: 97% of consumers say an online experience has influenced whether or not they’ve bought a product/service from a brand. I can’t imagine a bigger endorsement for creating and maintaining an active online presence, regardless of your industry.

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