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New Top Level Domains On The Way – For a Price

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Bummed that you can’t get the domain name you want? (I was shocked that schulkind.com was gone before I even thought of registering it – to a fantastic sculptor named Rima Schulkind …) Fear not, your salvation may soon be here.

ICANN, the folks who decide on things like top level domains (TLDs), have agreed to allow pretty much anything to be registered as a TLD. Right now, TLDs are limited – .com, .org, and so forth, along with a variety of country-specific TLDs such as .ca, .tv, etc.

So, if you lost out on your own “schulkind.com” and want to create “.schulkind” as consolation prize, you can. All you need is about $185,000 for the application and $25,000 a year to renew.

Probably not a huge market given those prices, and very little domain squatting, but considering the multi-million dollar price at which business.com and other potentially valuable domains changed hands, there will be interest.

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